If you would like to participate in our #inquirychat this Thursday evening (11/21) @9ET, please DM me @joetabhistory, and I will send you a pdf of the text we are reading.

Please post some text related comments/questions that you would like to discuss.

According to the author, what are some of the unfortunate consequences of Bloom's Taxonomy and how it has been interpreted, applied?

The author asserts that Bloom designed his taxonomy as a theory of assessment, not a theory of teaching. What's the difference?

What are some of the prerequisites, if any, for students to engage in higher order thinking?

Many of the ideas the author is critical of were deeply embedded in my teacher prep program. I was taught to lesson plan using Bloom's taxonomy.

In your classroom, what are some obstacles to critical thinking?

Shall teachers be experts in their fields rather than be trained through a school of education? (this, a nod to the question, 2 above here)

The article indicates that many teachers, classrooms, from year to year get stuck in the same region of the taxonomy, but never proceed or progress to the higher order thinking. What can we do to change that?

What could you do tomorrow in each of your classes to assess how well your students exhibit mastery of the items that make up Bloom's Taxonomy?

The author discusses reducing the difficulty of a higher level task without sacrificing the level of thinking required to complete the task. This, to me, is a powerful way of differentiating without lowering our expectations for student thinking. Your thoughts on this point?

The author also points out that thinking of Bloom's taxonomy as a ladder that students must climb from bottom to top is often the wrong way to approach the theory. What reasons does he give to support this point?

The author includes Gardner's quote in the text: "Coverage is the enemy of understanding." Do you agree with this quote? Why/why not?

Other authors, including Sam Wineburg, have discussed flipping the taxonomy upside down. What's the power in flipping the taxonomy?