A few topics/lessons I've just taught are......
@joetabhistory- Imperialism, Congress (updated 11/14)
@WolskiMr End of Progressive Movement; Congress (11/14)
@Jerred_Erickson - Public Opinion APGov (11/15)
@erianderson - Articles of Confed/Critical Period/Const Convention (11/15)
@spgopo- Parties/Interest Groups (11/15)
@phscoach - Role of political parties/student created campaign wikipages (11/27)
@nkellogg - Japanese Internment Camps (WWII); 1920s (11/18)

A few topics/lessons I am about to teach are.....
@joetabhistory- World War I, Executive Branch (updated 11/14)
@WolskiMr Imperialism and the Executive Branch (11/14)
@Jerred_Erickson Political Participation & Parties AP Gov (11/15 in progress)
@erianderson Constitution - Structure and Principles
@spgopo-Media Does anyone have a some activities for this unit? (11/15)
@phscoach-Mass Media & Campaigning/Students will create campaign commercials (11/27)
@nkellogg - American Revolution (11/18)