#Inquirychat Thurs 3/13
Topic= Assessing Historical Thinking Concepts/Skills

Brainstorming Qs

First, What is historical thinking? Do we all define it the same way....?

1. What are some ways a teacher can assess historical thinking concepts/skills?
2. What are some challenges associated w/ assessing Ss' historical thinking skills?

3. How do you define rubric? (Necessary?)
4. Best practices regarding the use of rubrics? (...in inquiry learning)
5. Is it possible to assess concepts of historical thinking and skills without using rubrics? (Or rather what are the different ways to...)

6. Best practices / tips for providing feedback to Ss who are learning these complex thinking skills?

Suggested7. How do you teach students to ask their own powerful, researchable questions? (Mary Johnson)

8. How are you using art for teaching/assessing historical thinking concepts and skills? (@teylaramsey). (Or applying cross-disciplinary approaches for....)

How does assessment fit with inquiry learning/teaching?
what does assessment of inquiry look like?
how is this different from assessment of non-inquiry (or traditional--not sure of word choice here)? I think it is important to discuss this, because if it's exactly the same, then if think it is prudent to ask why?